Staff Station

September 2017

  • Mrs. Lauren Badal

    Mrs. Lauren Badal - 2016-2017 Middle School Teacher of the Year

    Department:  Mathematics

    How many years have you been teaching?  10 years

    How many years have you been teaching at Mater Lakes?  4 years

    University you graduated from?  Florida International University

    Degree and Major:  Bachelors in Elementary Education

    Describe your teaching style: I honestly feel that my teaching style always depends on the students I'm teaching. I've always told my kids that I can only do as much as they allow me to, so they all know I mean business. However, I wouldn't be able to get through my days teaching without smiling and cracking jokes. Math can be rough sometimes, so why not have fun while teaching it? The most influential teachers I remember are the ones that would make me laugh, and the ones I thought were a bit nutty.

    Describe your teaching philosophy: I will try to challenge every student, regardless of their level of knowledge. I am a firm believer of allowing a student's individual strengths to shine through different types of activities.

    How do you engage students, particularly students who may not excel in the subject you teach?  If at first you don't succeed, try and try again! I'm not that easy to give up, so if I know there is a particular question that most of my students struggled with, I know I need to go back and try a different approach.

    What advice do you have for students in your classroom?  Always try. You cannot grow without experiencing mistakes.

    Name someone you admire the most and why?  My grandmother set the standards extremely high by coming to a different country in her early twenties, with two small children. If it wasn't for the hustle and drive my grandmother had from the moment she came to this country, I wouldn't be where I am today. I owe everything to her. She overcame every obstacle that came her way, and she always had a smile on her face. Regardless of what was going on, her family came first. I always made myself a promise that no matter what happens, giving up will never be an option. That's the least I can do to pay back all the sacrifices she made for me.

    What is a quote or phrase you live by and why?  "Live today as if there was no tomorrow." I think if you didn't have a tomorrow, you would want to be your best self today.