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Class Name: Comprehensive Science 1
Teacher: Gabriela Perez
Location: 2
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Due: May 31
Science Final Exam

Due: May 29
Complete Practice Test B only and Practice Grade 6 assessments from the Florida Science Assessment workbook.  Do not bubble your answers from the back of the workbook.  Circle your answers for each assessment.  

Due: May 14
Topic 8 Test (lessons 1 -3 only)
study and review lessons 1 -3
Complete all lesson checks 1 -3

Due: May 14
Cell Model 3D Projects Due!

Make sure to staple instruction paper to back of project

Must be typed 

Attached is a copy 

Due: Apr 22
Study for T8 L1 quiz on Monday

Due: Apr 15
Finish Topic 8 Vocabulary

Due: Apr 11
*Study for topic 7 test on Thursday 4/11

**Poster projects due Thursday 4/11

Due: Apr 11
Online submissions not permitted.
Classification poster project

Attached is a copy of the instructions and rubric for project

print and staple it to your poster

Note: do not pick dog or cat for your species.  You can research any other animal or plant

Due: Apr 9
1. Finish content practice packet p. 51,13,16, & 36
2. Finish lesson check p. 336

Reminder:   Poster projects are due Thursday 4/11/19

Due: Mar 21
Finish Lesson check p. 324

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