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Class Name: AP Chemistry
Teacher: Brandon Neifeld
Location: 360
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Due: Apr 12
AP Chem Review

Due: Feb 22
Download and print powerpoints for the last two topics!!!
Due: Feb 4
Download and print the slides.
Due: Jan 15
Print notes and bring to class
Due: 12/13/2018
Print out slides!
Due: 11/26/2018
Powerpoint lectures for the next chapter Kinetics
Due: 10/29/2018
Print out slides and review before next class.
Due: 10/22/2018
Print slides and bring to class to write notes on.
Due: 10/4/2018
Print out slides and bring to class.
Due: 9/20/2018
Please review and print out notes for the Thermo chapter!
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