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Class Name: M/J Grade 8 Pre-Algebra
Teacher: Sardou Saint-Val
Location: 125
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Due: May 19
Final FSA Revision MXL

Take home QUIZ!!!

**Use your notebook for formulas and examples when completing the mathXL. I will not be seeing you guys before you take your FSA, so use this as a review opportunity!**

Due: May 3
FSA Review #3

Print and Complete worksheet during Super Testing Days

Due Friday! we have all classes

Due: Apr 28
FSA Review #2

MathXL FSA review HW covering Linear Functions and their Graphs

Due: Apr 19
FSA Review #1

MathXL HW covering topics:
  • Rational Numbers
  • Roots/Radicals
  • Scientific Notation

Due: Apr 3

HW for Spring Break is on MXL and covers all of the topic from the 3rd quarter. Get an Early start so that you may better enjoy your Spring Break!!

*We will not be having a 3rd Quarter Assessment.

Due: Mar 18
Frequency & Scatter Plots MXL

Complete the HW fry finding the relative frequencies and describing the scatter plots Using your notes/vocal found in notebook.

Due: Feb 27

MathXL on the four geometric transformations: translations, reflections, rotations & dialations.

Use your notebook to remind you of all the transformation rules.

Quiz next week!!
Due: Feb 10
**Weekly iReady Math**

Complete and Pass one iReady Math Lesson

Due: Feb 5
**Angles & Geometry**

use your notebook to compete the mathXL, which covers Transversals, interior angles in triangles, Pythagorean Theorem and Distance.
Due: Jan 14

Use the angle relationships to classify angle pairs and to find the measure of the missing angles.

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