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Class Name: M/J Grade 7 Pre-Algebra (Advanced)
Teacher: Sardou Saint-Val
Location: 125
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Due: Apr 15
Sampling and Making Predictions

Print and complete worksheet. Explain whether the sample is biased or unbiased. Find the experimental probability of the sample and multiply the percentage by population total.

Due: Apr 5
Probability Review

Print and compete HW for probability. This review will prepare you for your test/quiz on Friday.

Due: Apr 2
Spring Break Review MXL

Math HW for Spring Break is a collection of Review questions covering content throughout the year.  Use your notebook to remind you of formulas and to look for examples. Get an early start on your HW so you can better enjoy your break!

*We will not be having a Quarterly Exam for the Last Grading period.

Due: Mar 13
Surface Area of Prisms

Find the surface area of each figure. Remember triangular prisms must be broken into pieces to find total area. 

**Look at notebook examples**

Due: Mar 7
Volume of prisms & pyramids

use the appropriate formula to find the volume of each figure

**QUIZ on Thursday!!

Due: Feb 24
**Circumference & Area**

MathXL HW: use the proper formula to find the circumferece/area of each figure
Due: Feb 14
**Scale Drawings**

Print and complete the attached worksheet on scale drawings.

**Remember to always identify the scale first!!

Due: Feb 10
**Weekly iReady Math**

Complete and Pass one iReady Math Lesson

Due: Jan 22
**Solving Inequalities MathXL**

Use the chart in your notebook to help you write. solve and graph inequalities.  Pay attention to the keywords, inequality symbols and the open/closed circles.
Due: Jan 11
Solving Equations Using Distributive Property
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