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Class Name: 7th Grade Language Arts
Teacher: Elle Skelton
Location: 130
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Due: May 30
We will be watching "She's the Man" on Thursday May 30 and Friday May 31. You must print and sign to the attached permission slip to be able to watch the movie.

Due: May 30
Thursday, May 30 is the last day to turn in any late/missing work.

Due: May 28
Twelfth Night Packets
Act 3
Acts 4/5

Due: May 27
Online homework for the remainder of the year has been assigned. You may work ahead, but all assignments must be completed by the dates listed below.

April 28: NRI Week 12
May 5: Zinc A Day in the Life of an American Trail Keeper
May 12: NRI Week 13
May 19: The Refugee Olympians in Rio
May 27: NRI Week 14

Due: May 15
Twelfth Night Packets
Act 1
Act 2

Due: Apr 23
SpringBoard lesson 4.5 (pages 290-298)

In class assignment for Wed (4/17) and Thursday (4/18).
If you are absent, be sure to print the attached PDF (or come tear out of your SpringBoard book) so that you can make-up the work.

Only complete pages 290-296. We will work on it more in class next week.

Due: Apr 21
Zinc due Sunday night

Due: Apr 14
NoRedInk Week 11 due Sunday night
Due: Apr 7
SpringBoard Zinc due Sunday night

Due: Mar 17
NoRedInk week 10 due Sunday night
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