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Class Name: Barbara J. Rodriguez
Teacher: Barbara J. Rodriguez
Location: P13
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Due: Feb 8
Study Unit 2 Vocabulary - academic and literary - spelling and definitions -Quiz on 02/08
Study root words - meanings - origins- examples- definitions 1-11 from a/n to ambul Quiz on 02/14

Due: Jan 31
Please print the list of root words from the website listed below :

Due: Jan 11
Attached please find two attachments. These two attachments are two lists of spelling words. Please study them and we will discuss further in class. Thank you very much.
Due: 11/15/2018
Please study for Unit 1 Assessment which will be worth two grades. It will cover most of the material covered in unit 1. As discussed in class - study the following class notes -
Assessment will be on 11/15 for B Day and 11/16 for A Day
  • Unit 1 Vocabulary including Literary Terms
  • Point of View
  • Close Read
  • Elements of a narrative essay
  • Elements of an informational essay
  • Main Idea
  • Character analysis
  • The Writing Process - Dissecting the Prompt
  • Author's Purpose
  • Figurative Language
  • Theme

Due: 11/13/2018
  • No Red Ink - Commonly Confused Words
  • Study for Quiz on Thursday, November 8th B-Day and Friday, November 9th A Day
  • Quiz will include Author's Purpose, Figurative Language, and Theme
Due: 10/25/2018
Springboard Zinc - Read Article titled 10 Months, 45 National Parks, 11 Rules By Jeremy Cronon, The New York Times and take the Quiz.

Please Print the article and Quiz.
Due: 10/17/2018
Springboard Language Checkpoint: Punctuating Complete Sentences - Unit 1- 1.5 pages 28-29. Due 10/17 B classes
      Due  10/18 A classes

No Red Ink - Capitalizing and Formatting - This assignment is due 10/22 for both A and B Classes.
Due: 10/1/2018
The homework has been assigned from Springboard under Zinc. The article is titled Story Corps: Ronald Clark and Jamilah Clark. Please read the article and take the quiz. Please print both article and completed quiz and bring to class on the due date. You do not need to search for the article it has been assigned to all classes. Once you sign- onto Springboard and go to Zinc you will be prompted towards assignment. Link to Springboard is provided below under the heading Links
Due: 9/18/2018
Please print the attached notes about pronouns and file them in your 3 ring binder under -No Red Ink. Please study your notes and complete the homework assigned on No Red Ink regarding pronouns.
Due: 9/5/2018
Please take diagnostic test on No Red Ink
Due: 8/27/2018
Please register to use Springboard (digital version of textbook) and No Red Ink.

Period 3

Springboard Code: YIDUZE

No Red Ink: talented salt 33
Due: 8/24/2018
Signed Syllabus Contract will be due on Friday, August 24th. You will have until Monday, August 27th to bring your class materials. Should you encounter any difficulty acquiring any of the materials by given date, please see me.
Due: 8/24/2018
Syllabus Contract page is due August 24th.