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Class Name: Rivca Dubuisson English Grades 10th or 12th
Teacher: Rivca  Dubuisson
Location: 221
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Due: 9/14/2018

Hi Period One Students,


Here are your Homework Assignments due on September 14th, 2018:


1. Your Vocabulary Quiz: I have provided definitions for you to study for your quiz which will be on Friday, September the 14th in your Homework section on the Website. You are to have these Vocabulary words numbered from 1-10 in your Composition notebooks, and their definitions written down in your Grammar and Journals Notebook by Friday, September 14, 2018.


2. Culture Project from your Springboard Books: You will be presented a Worksheet Outline on how to write a five-paragraph essay and using that outline, you will focus on one object or image that you associate with your culture and come up with three reasons as to why this object or image is significant to your cultural identity.  You will begin to write a rough draft essay on your one object or image in class, on September 14, 2018 right after your Vocabulary Quiz.

3. NoRedInk Online Home learning: Your Class Code to access your Diagnostic assessment, which is due on Sunday, September 16th, for your period, period 1, is the following: bright bridge 16. Your assignments for NoRedInk are not up yet. I will put them up by tomorrow, Sept 13, 2018.

4. Your Zinc Learning Labs: I have not posted your Zinc Codes on the website yet. I will post them up tomorrow, Sept. 13, 2018.