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Class Name: Algebra 2
Teacher: Milexy Valle
Location: 232
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Due: Apr 5

Due: Apr 5
Please Print and turn in or write in a separate piece of paper

Due: Mar 19
Due: Jan 29
Problems 7-14
Due: 12/14/2018
Please PRINT, DO, and TURN IN by next class.
Due: 10/30/2018
Online submissions not permitted.
HRW Review for Quarter Test
Due: 10/12/2018
Online submissions not permitted.
Algebra 2 Test #2 Absolute Value Extra Credit – Q1 (For scores 50 or bellow)

Assignment: To create a function poster of the following functions:

1. Absolute Value (Chose one from your notes or your textbook)

For this function you need to include:
1. parent function equation & graph
2. steps to graphing the function (in different forms)
a. Example: for graphing a line in y =mx + b form, first plot the y – intercept, then count the slope and plot two more points, connect all the points with a straight line
3. domain, range, intercepts, end behavior
4. any other special characteristics(minimum/maximum, increasing/decreasing/constant)

For full credit it needs to be …
• Neat
• Well thought-out
• Legible
• Correct (math, equations, graphs, etc.)

*** I may want to keep some to hang up ***
Due: 10/12/2018
Online submissions not permitted.
Test #2 Extra Credit for scores 50 and bellow. Please print and return by due date.
Due: 10/9/2018
Online submissions not permitted.
Practice textbook Page 133-134: problems 3-18 (all)
Due: 9/26/2018
Online submissions not permitted.
Unit 1 Review on HRW.
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