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Class Name: American Government: 12th Grade
Teacher: J.D. Ramsey
Location: 526
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Due: Apr 11
Online submissions not permitted.
Attached is the rubric for the budgeted vacation project
also provided is a link to an expense tracker sample

Presentations begin MAY 1st
Due: Mar 21
Online submissions not permitted.
Kahoot review for the checking & fees quiz?

Due: Mar 21
Online submissions not permitted.
Below is a link to the checking assignments

3.1 Basics/How checking works

3.2 Online banking and fees

3.3 checks and fees

Due: Mar 7
Due: Feb 1
Online submissions not permitted.
The other links provided will direct you to a cover letter template and resume template.
You may use a different template from Word or other outlets should you so choose.

The Job you are applying for can be anything in the realm of reality.


Due: Jan 11
Online submissions not permitted.
Debate Rubric Attached

Keep in mind how your team is working and what grade members are earning as you will receive a peer grading form during debate week.

Also, while in the audience you will receive an A as long as you remain silent and respectful.
Each time I am forced to quiet you in the crowd will be a met with a drop in letter grade.

Debates begin the first week back from Christmas break

Format: 3-2-1

Each team will be given
3 minutes for opening statements to be made.
2 minutes for rebuttal
1 minutes for closing statements

Following the debate time will be allotted for audience questions as the judges listen.

The judges will then exit the room and make their decision

Questions to answer through your debate:

What is the teams stance?
What are the pros of your stance?
What are the cons of the opposing stance?
Why is this a controversial topic?
How has the topic at hand evolved over time? (example: Roe v. Wade and abortion)

Know the counterargument stance beforehand as preparation for your rebuttal.
You may use a poster-board to show data/evidence
Due: 11/19/2018
Online submissions not permitted.
Power Point & writing assignment questions
Due: 11/9/2018
Power Point notes on political parties/election of the president
Due: 10/25/2018
Online submissions not permitted.
Presentations for the survey assignment will begin 10/24 (A day) 10/25 (B day)
Due: 10/18/2018
Notes for the dividing powers -- (be sure to have all notes for open note test!)
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