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Class Name: English II
Teacher: Wendy Padron
Location: 236
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Due: May 28
Online submissions not permitted.
Antigone Mask Project

The attached document details the project, as well as the rubric.

Due Date: 5/28/19 - Presentations will begin that date

Due: Mar 20
Online submissions not permitted.
Argumentative Writing 

Your in class essay must be typed and with you on the following day to participate in the peer review*:
Period 1: Wednesday - 3/20
Period 3: Thursday - 3/21 (writing on 3/19)

The essay must be five paragraphs long, with a strong thesis statement that organizes the essay and is a debatable claim. It must be typed in MLA formatting (Times new Roman 12 pt font, 1 inch margins, double spaced, MLA in-text citations, Works Cited). It must have: an introduction, a thesis statement, two body paragraphs devoted to claims, a counterargument and rebuttal paragraph, a conclusion, and a works cited page. You must use evidence to support your claims such as quotes, paraphrase or examples from the primary source.

Using the primary source (the article by Zat Rana on Jk Rowling) argue whether or not failures can truly propel an individual to succeed.

*Failure to bring the essay with you will result in a zero as you will not be able to participate in the peer editing process. 

Due: Mar 6
Online submissions not permitted.
Springboard Unit 4 Vocabulary Quiz

Wednesday - 3/4/19

Reminder: the vocabulary words can be found on page 282 of your Springboard text. In addition to your journal, you can find the words and glossary in the posted Units on My Page. You may also access the digital Springboard text via

If you need to make a new account the Springboard code is:


Due: Jan 14
Testing Understanding: By Any Other Name

Make sure to read the story, "By Any Other Name" and the poem, "Legal Alien"

The multiple choice section is based on the story and the written answer question is based on a compare/contrast of the story and poem. 

Due: 12/21/2018
Online submissions not permitted.
All ZINCs being completed after their due date MUST be done by Friday evening. Any old ZINCs completed after this date will not be eligible for grading. 
Due: 12/4/2018
Online submissions not permitted.
Grammar Test Corrections - Due: 12/4/18

The test as well as the correction forms provided must be turned in.

To be able to earn back partial credit, all parts of the form must to be filled out for each question that was answered incorrectly on the original test. This means that the question #, the incorrect answer, the correct answer, and the grammar rule must be filled in. If any of these are missing; then, credit will not be awarded. 

**ZINC was not assigned for this week to allow students to focus on NRI and Test Corrections**

Due: 11/16/2018
Online submissions not permitted.
Grammar Test: Conjunctions

This test will be a written assessment of the following conjunctions:

Conjunctive Adverb

Due: 10/15/2018
Online submissions not permitted.

Assignment Reports were sent home on 10/12. The reports inform you of your student's current grade. Be advise that the grade may change as new assignments are recorded. Please speak to your student about the importance of completing assignments. As noted in the syllabus, there is no late work accepted. 

Please sign and add any note you wish me to read on the report. The signed reports are due back on 10/15.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Ms. Padron 

Due: 10/3/2018
Online submissions not permitted.
Springboard Vocabulary Quiz Redo

Make sure to study and take advantage of this one time chance to redo your vocabulary quiz. 

The terms (Unit 1, pg. 2) and definitions are available on my page under "Springboard" or on the Springboard website by going to your bookshelf and accessing the digital text there. 

Due: 9/27/2018
Online submissions not permitted.
Vocabulary Quiz - 9/27/18

Vocabulary terms can be found on page 2 of the Springboard (both physical and digital copy).

The digital text can be found on the Springboard website. Make sure to register to have access. 

or ...

on my page under 'Springboard'. You will also have access to the glossary on this page. 

Email or stop by with questions.

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