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Class Name: M/J Grade 7 Pre-Algebra (Advanced)
Teacher: Sardou Saint-Val
Location: 125
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Due: Jan 6
***MathXL Winter Break***

Winter break HW is already posted on mathXL. You can get an early start! There are 25 review problems that cover all of the lessons we have done so far. So, use your notebook!!! 

Enjoy your Holiday, and Happy New Year!!
Due: 12/9/2018

iReady Lesson completed and passed Due Sunday 12/9
Due: 12/6/2018
**Factoring Expressions**

Factor each expression by using the GCF. Remember to also factor out the common variables when possible.

Be ready for TEST!!!!

Due: 11/25/2018
**iReady Math**

Complete and pass i-Ready math lesson

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!
Due: 11/18/2018
**i-Ready Math**

Comeplete and pass iready math lesson
Due: 11/12/2018

(pass lesson, due Monday by midnight)

Due: 10/15/2018

Print and complete worksheet. Use integer rules in notebook.

Due: 10/8/2018
Percents (tax, tip, discount, markup) and Simple Interest

*Percents Quiz Coming very soon!!!
Due: 10/5/2018
Print and complete the worksheet. Remember to write the expression that will allow you to solve each percent problem.

  • taxes/tips add to 100%
  • discounts subtract from 100%

Due: 10/1/2018

MathXL HW Due 10/1/2018

Math sure to sign in on the correct website.

**Link provided below
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