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Class Name: 7th Grade Language Arts
Teacher: Elle Skelton
Location: 130
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Due: Mar 12
Final draft of Animal Farm essay due

Essay must be typed using MLA formatting. The Perdue Owl link will show you a sample essay formatted correctly.

The last page of you essay should be a works cited. Copy and paste the attached works cited into your own document.

Print your essay to turn it in. If you are unable to print, email it to me or bring it on a USB and I will print it.
If it is a Word document, email it as an attachment to
If is a Google Doc, share it with
I will reply to all emails confirming that I have received it. If I do not reply, assume I didn't get it.
Due: Mar 10
Spring Board Zinc due Sunday night
Due: Mar 8
Project instructions. Use class time on Friday to work on your project.

Create a poster based on one of the Russian Revolution topics we researched and presented on earlier in the unit. One half of the poster should be your topic and the other half should be the Animal Farm representation. On each side list key details and events. Then use string or yarn to create a line to matching details or events. You should have at least 5 paired details or events.
Example of matching detail or event:
Adolf Hitler broke his pact with Russia and invaded them for resources. = Mr. Fredrick gave the pigs fake money for timber and then attacked the farm.

Due: Mar 6
Rough draft of Animal Farm essay is due.
Due: Mar 3
NoRedInk Week 9
Due: Feb 24
SpringBoard Zinc
Due: Feb 17
NoRedInk Lesson 8
Due: Feb 10
SpringBoard Zinc due Sunday night at 11pm
Due: Feb 3
NoRedInk Lesson 7
Due: Jan 21
SpringBoard Zinc
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