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3rd Period (Period 3)

Location: 223

1.      Students will complete Close Reading Workshop 1 in their personal journals. DO NOT WRITE IN BOOK

a.       Turn to a new page in journal, write date and label the activity appropriately

b.      Read Literary Nonfiction: The Americanization of Edward Bok (1921)

c.       Answer the CRAFT AND STRUCTURE & KEY IDEA AND DETAILS questions found in the margins of the reading, there are a total of 6 questions (pages 5-6)

d.      Write a ONE paragraph response to the CHECK YOUR UNDERSTANDING (page 7)

e.       Re-read. Complete SOAPSTone, clearly label each response.         

                                                              i.      For example:

·         S:

·         O:

·         A:

·         P:

·         S:

·        Tone:

Files for download: Homework: 8

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