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Our MLA students got the chance to participate in a Virtual Classroom Exchange with students in Italy.

In the Italian class, students from Mater Lakes Academy had the pleasure to speak with actual Italian students (In Italy). The experience itself was magnificent; they enjoyed every second of it. AVE AMICI program is the one to thank for such amazing experience. The AVE AMICI program is designated for Dual Diploma students in Italy, Spain, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, France and any other country participating in this program to “meet” students at Academia Middle/High School in the USA. Personally, this program has opened doors for students who are wanting to learn different cultures found around the world. This program is wonderful and great for students; everyone at Mater Lakes did enjoy and would love to do it again.

This project is going to be exhibited in the Korach Gallery UM from 15 to 19 October 2018.

Students Participating:

Arcilla Sabrina

Avendaño Felipe

Cartaya Mariana

Chio Jose

Diaz Melany

Giron Catherine

Gomez Angelo

Lopez Margiolis

Martinez Brigitte

Perez Kaylee

Ponce Sabrina

Ponce Sofia

Portal Kevin

Ramirez Gabriel

Rios Felix