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Model UN
Below you will find the background guide for your particular committee. Make sure to read EVERYTHING and then add your own research. 

Position papers will be due to the following e-mail accounts by Wednesday April 10th at midnight. 

Crisis committees do not require a position paper. 

Position papers should be between one and two pages in length, 12 point Time New Roman font, double spaced. The paper should address both topics for the committees that have two. While different formats can be used, we reccomend the following one: 
1st Paragraph: Introduction to the topic of the committee
2nd Paragraph: Explain your country's relationship to the topic, as well as any past international action that is relevant. 
3rd Paragraph: State your country's position on some of the important sub-topics, as well as any ideas that your country would like to see implemented. 

Attached is the rubric that will be used to rate the position papers and decide on the Best Position Paper award. 

Additional Information as provided by the Secretary General of the Conference:

Food On Campus 
I am currently working with the dinning services here at the University to negotiate a reduced rate for all MICSUN Delegates and Advisors at our two on-campus dinning halls which operate as buffets. Additionally, we have our Food Court that contains a variety of different restaurant options, including Subway, Panda Express, Tossed, Pollo Tropical, and Burger 305. Lastly, just on the edge of our campus are a variety of different restaurants that would also be available for delegates. 

Ad-Hoc Committee
The topic of the Ad-Hoc committee will be released Thursday morning with its background guide, as is traditional for committees of this type. This Ad-Hoc committee will be a first for MICSUN, and myself and Amir Davoodi, the committee chair, cannot way to reveal it to you and your delegates. For those of you with delegates participating in the Ad-Hoc, you will receive the position name on Thursday morning as well, shortly after the topic reveal. 

Technology Policy
At MICSUN we believe that technology can be a great resource that can help every delegate, and so we allow the use of laptops for our General Assembly and Specialized Committees. Any use of laptops has to be outside of the committee room so as to not disrupt debate.

In the same spirit, we do not require delegates to bring laptops and should delegates instead write resolutions by hand, we will have staff capable of typing the delegate's resolutions.