Staff Station
Ms. Ayleen Charles
Dear Future AP GOV Students:

Below please find the summer assignment for the upcoming school year. Please be advised, if this is not turned in on the FIRST DAY of school, you will be removed from my class!

I look forward on having each and every one of you in my class!!

Enjoy your well deserved summer break!!!

-Ms. Charles


Assignment 1 : Buy AMSCO, United States Government & Politics, latest edition. Read the entire first chapter.

Assignment 2: Due all assignments within the first chapter.
-pg. 36-39 (1-10) and FRQs pg. 39-41 (1-4)

Assignment 3: Read pg. 619-680 (Deceleration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, Bill of Rights/ Constitution, Federalist Papers) and MLK's letter from Birmingham jail.

Assignment 4: Answer the questions on the following pages that correspond to the readings above (in assignment 3).
pg. 656 (1-5)
pg. 659 (1-4)
pg. 664 (1-2)
pg. 669 (1-4)
pg. 680 (1-6)